Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday TOT Run

Somehow, it rained last night and I woke up to run and looked out my front door to see puddles and remnants if a huge cell that had been drifting across NE Oklahoma. My Sunday morning TOT run looked to be amazing.

It was. About 12-15 runners were huddled under the small canopy in front of the bathrooms, and after a short debate as to whether donuts or a run would be best, we took off in one group with Stormy leading. His usual zigzag down this trail and that where after running 2 miles, you were still only a half mile from where you started from. He seemed to take all the trailz with the clay mud. This particular type of mud is super slick, yet clumps up to provide six lbs of added weight per shoe. Steep downhills are ski slaloms and Rebecca took a slide/buttslide which was not captured by camera, but would have been interesting.

After ~two miles, Rebecca, Brodie, Bill, and I got dropped by the Stormster, and we made our own route. Brodie had ran like a champ, and led our group (with a little direction here and there) and we made the trip up the Jelly Legs Trail to Rock City and headed back on the Snake.
Whereas normally we are well into the upper 80s to low 90s by the end of our run, it was still a cool 71°. We finished just ahead of a heavy downpour, which did a great job of washing the filth from the pack of speedier runners as they came jogging in.

John N did his first run since having his boot off, but made his trip a short one, He greeted Brodie with a medal honoring him for his first trail run.
Good times!!

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