Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Geocaching--cleaning up loose ends

I finished up with work a little early today, and decided to break a long ugly streak of NOT geocaching. I decided I would give Chandler Park another try. I had several DNFs there, and it was time to right the ship. The three with pink circles were ones I had spent time searching for with no luck. Despite the tickiness of the woods holding the caches (and where there are ticks, there are chiggers!) I had a good feeling about finding these. There had been logs of recent finds,m so I knew they were there, plus the geocaching app recently had an update and it seemed like it might be a little more accurate.

The pink circle on the right was my first search. This was Oklahoma's 100th Centennial cache,. Jake and I stomped around in the woods for about an hour a few months ago. At first, it seemed like the same old song, but on the way out, I saw a mini-cave that looked like a good place, and sure enough, there was an army ammo box nestled under a rock overhang!!

The center pink circle was Drunk Slide. This is one where the GPS says it's 160 feet away, but it's also 160 feet DOWN the side of a steep nearly vertical descent. There are a few tree roots and scrub trees and rocks to hold on for dear life, and it was slightly muddy. Every 30 feet I went, the GPS would bounce around saying I was further away. Maybe it was the fact that I was on the side of a bluff, or the thick tree cover. How can I be 61 feet away, scrap my way towards the target, and then be further away? But before I stumbled downward another 60 feet, I saw it hidden practically in plain sight, but on the edge of such a steep drop off that no one would even stumble onto it. Drunk Slide captured!

The third find--the left pink circle--was Sober Up. This seemingly is a sequel to Drunk Slide, and it was dangerous in another way. It involved a journey through the halls of the Chandler Labyrinth, and then a short descent to a HUGE boulder hanging on the edge overlooking Avery Drive. I rounded the perimeter, looking for what was supposed to be a micro-cache. No luck. I then climbed on top and looked all over, hanging over the edges, looking in every nook and cranny. I put my hands in places that only a mouse could go (or a snake after a mouse!) I finally gave up, but spotted one more possible place, and it meant sticking my hand way up into what could have been a home for a rat rat or sleeping viper, but I scored the cache. This was one of the best days caching ever--three for three in less than an hour--and they were all hard ones!! Kinda has me stoked to go for more. I have two more to find in the main part of the park, and there are two or three more further west in the Wildwoods. Another day soon.

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