Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Geocaching, night running, and a fascinating story in the works

I went out for my mandatory run, and rather than taking the safe route on pavement, I hit the trailz--mud or no mud--I didn't care. I also was thinking about tidying up some geocaches on Turkey Mountain. I have found all but two, and Tom's Turkey Mountain Homestead has had me stumped ever since I took up the hobby. Instead of just giving the coordinates or making it searchable on my iPhone app, you have to figure out a long puzzle which includes the most geekiest bunch of geocaching trivia. After wading through the many steps in the puzzle a couple of times I had given up. I have always thought I knew where it was, but wanted some sort of reassurance before I spent a lot of time searching for something that may or may not be there. Recently, my friend Alan akaYogi told me that the old homestead where I thought it might be was NOT the location. He has not found the cache either, but has been to the correct site. I visited his blog and viewed a picture he had taken while there, and with that pic and two other pics some other cachers had taken, I felt I could at least be sure I was in the right place IF I could find that place.

A couple of weeks ago whilst on a walk break, I thought I saw some old rusty tin off in the woods. Normally, it would be hidden due to the thick undergrowth, but with the leaves off, I had caught a glimpse. If I could only remember where that was.

Jake and I slowed our pace to a walk once we were near the area where I thought I remembered. Then, I saw it. Not sure if this was the place, it sure merited some checking out!

This is Yogi's pic, taken about a year ago.

This is my pic taken tonight. I was standing on the south end looking north, and Yogi's was taken from the north looking south. One of the picture taken by someone who actually found the cache has a tree with an odd crooked branch in the background, and I clearly saw that tree. It was getting dark, and my find was postponed, but I do know this is the place.

Jake and I finished our run, taking some easier trailz on the west side, then circled the mountain on Taken for Granite, down Jelly Legs, then back on trailz just west of Powerline.
I ended up with 4.9 miles. Jake probably got an extra mile surging ahead and then coming back to check on my slow arse.

I couldn't stop wondering WHO would live in an earthen shelter with a tin roof like that. How old was the "structure"? Sitting in front of the computer with Google, and I discovered the answer. There is an interesting story to this structure, and it ties into a couple of other landmarks on Turkey Mountain. I know enough about this to seem slightly uneducated, but with a bit more research and a few specific pictures, I have a great story--one which has some historic significance, and may or may not tie into my mysterious acquaintance Eldridge. Stay tuned!!

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