Thursday, January 3, 2013


As a frivolous New years Resolution, I decided to be a streaker. Not the kind that gets nekkid and bounces through public places, but one who runs every day. The general rules for streaking is at least one mile per day. That's alright by me, since I usually like three miles before calling it.

This was inspired by Bobby Michaels, my favorite running buddy, who started streaking right after eating too much turkey last Thanksgiving. He decided to run every day til the end of the year. I think there must have been seconds and thirds of pie involved! Bobby started as a couch to 5K runner 5-6 years ago, and had now ran several marathons, a couple of ultras, and is doing his first 50 miler at Prairie Spirit. Bobby intended to stop his streak after the New Years Eve run, but upon hearing I was beginning a streak, decided to add to his current 42 day run.

But there's a little more to the story. Another Bobbie--Bobbie Ruhs, along with her husband Ron Ruhs are from Nebraska, and have ran quite a few of our TATUR races. They're zany Facebook friends, and when I mentioned my intentions of streaking, was invited to join their Streak Running group. Bobby Michaels was also invited, and then I find out that Bill and Sheila Ford are also there--so we're in good albeit questionable company.

I actually had a 70+ day streak going a few years ago. But one night, I looked at the clock and it was 12:30 am, and CRAP!! I realized I had forgot to run. Bobbie assures me the group will make sure that never happens. (Now that's a scary thought!)

How far will this go? I dunno. I will have a logical place to take a break after my 100 miler, although I HAVE ran a little the very day after 100s before. I'm on the horse, and I'll just see how far we go.


I wondered what the longest running streak was, and Google gives quick answers. Mark Covert, a runner from Lancaster, CA, has ran for 44 years, or 16,075 days in a row as of December 31, 2012. During that time, he has 158,900 miles. He's in an elite club, as only six people have streaks of 40 years or more. 

There's even a very official website--Streak Runners International, Inc. that governs the requirements for streaking. They have applications and specifications and such that I will probably bypass since I am way too old to challenge a 44 year record.

Mark Covert's 158,900 miles is incredible, but there are a few crazies who supposedly have more miles. Amby Burfoot's website lists several who have ran more. Darryl Beardall--280,000 lifetime miles (not well documented according to Burfoot), and Fred Herbert--242,000 total lifetime miles (well documented according to Burfoot). There is mention of a Charles Hart, who ran "nearly a million" miles. Umm---sure.

Most miles ran in a year?? It's hard to say. Google seemed to stall out on this. There were articles touting some dude who ran 250 miles in one week and surely he held the record. (yawn) The winner of Across the Years 72 Hour ran 332 miles in less than 71 hours. Another article told of a Belgian runner Stefaan Engels who set a new world record after completing 365 marathons in as many days running 9569 miles. I am certain these were 365 days of running at least 26.2 miles, not 365 actual sanctioned marathons. That record belongs to a friend of mine--68 year old Larry Macon who ran 157 official marathons this past year. Macon's lifetime marathon count as of December 31 is 980, and I bet he sets yet another record total in 2013. I also know that some of Larry's marathons were actually ultras, putting him way over 4,100 miles. I don't even like to DRIVE that far!!!

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