Sunday, January 20, 2013

Warm Weather = Happy TOTs

It's January 20th. Instead of having sub freezing temps and snow, it's been more like spring. 64° for the high means you HAVE to be outside!!
So, at 7:30, the TOTs were out in full force. We had more than 30 runners, and we divided up into two groups to run for about an hour or so. Our group ran part of the Snake Trail, and then visited the freshly plowed gardens of west Turkey.

We stopped at the second most popular attraction in the wilderness--the old washing machine. (The first most popular is Lipbuster. Third place is the Oklahoma Rock, and a distant 4th is the Stink Plant.)

I took a picture of a deer carcass over where the land is being plowed, but decided to NOT post it, because the death of the deer was more likely caused by Wiley Coyote than by the Caterpillar Crew.

Both Venus and Maggie are taking home souvenirs. They both fell, and sopped up a bit of mud. If there were some ripped clothing and/or some blood, these might have been certifiably awesome falls. Better luck next time. :-)

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