Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jake's Life

Jake's Dad has been ramping up miles, and Jake has been right on his heels. Jake ran 5 miles Saturday, and a little over 6 on Sunday. Last night, Jake's Dad headed out for a last minute run to keep some streak thing going, and Jake wanted to come along. Jake thought the pace was a little slow, and he pulled Jake's Dad the whole way. Nothing like a tempo run at 11:30 pm. We got in three
So when Jake's Dad got home and was getting ready to run with the Tuesday Night Crawlers, Jake's Dad thought he should take a rest day. But Jake would hear none of that. So, Jake got to run the trailz at the Oxley Center at Mohawk Park.

Jake got a couple of breaks while his Dad stopped to take pictures. This one was taken on the run. and is a little blurry, but was one of the few that turned out.

This is from the high banks of Bird Creek. Jake wanted to go for a swim here, but his Dad said no. It was about a 20 foot drop-off down to the water.

Jake led the way around the Bird Creek loop, and then headed on down toward Recreation Lake. Here, a trail runs right along the northern bank, and while his Dad was taking another picture (and sucking air), Jake plowed in for a quick swim.

Jake is typically a five mile dog, occasionally getting in six miles. But Tuesday, he ran a spirited four miler, and then another four miles when the Night Crawlers showed up at 6:30. Thomas brought his dog Callie, and Jake was in top form showing off, leading the pack even though he was out of his comfort zone. (Jake has a girldogfriend!)

Jake talked his way out of a bath, since the water in the lake was really not all that dirty like the ponds at Turkey Mountain are. He just laid around and grinned all night. Runner's buzz? Thinking of his new friend? Probably both.

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