Sunday, June 16, 2013

wear your sunscreen!

It was a hot sunny weekend....perfect for going to the lake, mowing the grass, riding bikes, running up and down a hill, sunbathing. But please remember to put on sunscreen before baking your flesh under old Sol.
Don't let this be you! Find a friend, or find a stranger to slather you in the places where you cannot reach!
Don't forget your tootsies. Any flesh can bake. T Z has places so white, 15 seconds in the sun will turn them pink!

Wear a hat, and remember whatever the hat does not cover is fair game to midday broasting.

Seriously guys, don't let yourself catch the rays in the wrong places.

Or what the hell....just forget it and tan away!
Not bad looking for a 24 year old, huh?

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