Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have been super busy lately. Lotsa stuff going on. I've started my own company, where I focus on basically what I have done most of my life--but instead of working for the man, I AM the man. My running friends will no doubt notice a little TZ in the name. Business is good--could always use more as I need to stay busy and steady. Right now, I sell, and also do most of the labor associated with my jobs. I like doing it, having total control of how things go, expecting and getting A+ work, setting my own hours which includes a little bit of running and biking time and hopefully a little more in the future. Friday, I'll be heading to Nebraska to run the Dizzy Goat 12 hour race. Dana is doing the 3 hour, and we hope to have a buncha fun. This artwork will be on the shirts--which makes it worth the trip if you ask me. This race is formatted a lot like the Snake Run, and it looks like it is a lot hillier. Here's a bit of their course description:
Course Description The Dizzy GOAT course is a 3.25 mile combination of park roads and nature trails. Each loop contains approximately 600 feet of elevation change - the equivalent of 5723 feet for a 50k. You will spend approximately .75 miles on asphalt and 2.5 miles on trails. The trails wind through the park, which includes mild climbs and descents – nothing that the casual runner can’t run or power-walk. The nature trails have portions of dirt (watch for roots and stumps), crushed limestone, wooden bridges, and grass. There are a number of flat stretches to allow your legs to recover on the move, and benches scattered along the trail in the case that you need to stop to catch your breath. One of the more challenging parts of the course is a stretch of asphalt on the east edge of the park. We call it “What the hill?” Hill. This road will be open to 1-way vehicle and 2-way GOAT traffic and has an elevation gain/loss of 150 feet in just a quarter mile. I am an honorary GOATz member, and hope to score some GOATz club shirts as well.
And on another subject--the fear that the end of the TrailZombie blog was a probability  has lessened. I have copied ALL of my posts and copied them on this new site, and will continue to tweak this so it is much like the old one. It might end up being better. There was just no way to regain control of my blog that I have posted to over 980 times in the past six years. After my work change, my former employed changed my email password. It was a Gmail account, and after Google+ came into existence, it grouped all emails under a primary email, and my blog address was snared into that holding pen. In trying to regain the ability to post (which I temporarily did do) I also tried to remove the work email from my blog. In doing so, I also removed the sign-in email that I had used from day one. We can put a man on the moon, but we cannot restore a deleted email to a blogger account. So, this new is what I have to work with for now. But the good news is that the domain I bought ( is through GoDaddy, and I have got them to unlock it and I have transferred it to this new site. In a few days, you can go to just like always and all will be back to normal. Most of my past posts were copied in bundles, so 5-7 posts are actually one post--but as I have time, I will back-post them individually, and index them. Very time consuming, yes, but I am OCD about stuff like that.

Happy trailz for now,

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