Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here's what happened

This is kind of a post and kind of a test post. First off, I think I am 98% through with the blog probs I have been having. The last post on my old tried and true blog was June 9th. At my previous job, I created a blog for them to showcase windows and installation procedures. Then along came Google+, which was supposed to rival and even overtake the Facebook empire. (I never got the hang of Google+. I could Facebook someone, but were you supposed to PLUS someone??) Well, one of G+'s great ideas was to group all associated emails together under one main primary email. No harm in that--right? My login to was then listed under the primary g-mail account associated with the blog I made for my employer. After I left to start my own company, they changed the email password, which locked me out of all the blog accounts under the primary email address. I could not log in to my blog!!! I am not upset that they did that--I expected it. I quickly over-road that and was back in business, and I tried to clean up the matter by eliminating the work email from my account. That didn't happen, and in adding another email as a back-up, I accidentally deleted my main sign-in to I worked feverously for days and days trying to regain access, but I guess we can put a man on the moon, but cannot recreate a sign-in email address, although I tried every which way. Google was not very much help, although I did get with some tech support that headed me the right direction. After crying in my rice crispies, and drinking all the old cheep beer out of the fridge in the garage, I decided to gank all of the content out of my old blog and copy it in a new A long and hard name to remember. Then, I got with GoDaddy and eventually found they could redirect my domain to the new site, which after a few tries (due mostly to my ineptness) they got it to redirect. But, all it did was forward it, and the site showing in the task bar was the blogspot address, which I did not like. So, I messed with it again and goofed it up. But GoDaddy is awesome, and they did the steps to get it back just like I wanted it and said to wait 48 hours, which I did and then I got impatient after 52 hours and I called again. They always are so nice, and they found one minor IP address that needed to be changed and said to give it 24 more hours. Five minutes, everything fell into place. All is almost back like it was!!! And I have to admit that most of the mess I caused. And my stubbornness paid off in finally getting things fixed. The only things that need to be added are all the stuff on the right side of the page--race schedules, PRs, which are more for me than the viewer. I also need to add my list of blogs that I like to read. Posting my friends blogs gets them readers, and I love it when the posting links is a reciprocal thing. Also, copying and pasting 980 posts and back-dating them on the dates they were published was taking FOREVER, so I copied several posts at a time and now they are in the order they were written, and I copied the dates they posted, but they are not individualized and I am not sure they can receive comments. But the new ones--after June 9th can.  
Now for a few pictures. RiverParks with the help of Garden Deva have out up some trail signs on the Red Trail at Turkey Mountain.
I am told that eventually there will be similar markings all over the mountain--probably yellow signs for the Yellow Trail, and you guessed it--blue signs for the Blue Trail.

And then pink signs? I am thinking we will see more and more changes on the trailz all over.

Thanks for reading, and being patient while I have worked through this mess.


  1. Good to have some morning Zombie reading ;-)

  2. Glad to see you're back in business TZ!