Sunday, June 10, 2012

New stuff

Me and Blogger have been fighting a bit lately. B seems like a temperamental old woman--with Alzheimer's. It throws different problems in the mix almost daily, shrinking my header picture space allowing only a small pic instead of the wider one I have now. I fixed this prob--or so I thought--by switching to Google Chrome. But even now, it keeps giving me an error message when I sign in to post, and then covers up the tool bar so I can point and click where the picture icon ALMOST is. Fun stuff.

The actual fun new stuff is the old camera look from the Hipstamatic camera app on iPhone.

This app takes pictures that look like old snapshots. There are a lot of different "films and lenses" that you can select that give each shot different quirky looks. Sort of like "worse is better?"

I like it though. A diversion to things, slightly different from the everyday TZ goes running and so on. Now I have purposely flawed photos. (Or are they???)

It's late and I am wiped out--and tomorrow is a 20 mile day. Nite all!!

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