Sunday, June 3, 2012

Angel Fire Endurance Run Preview

It's less than 4 weeks out from Angel Fire Endurance Run--by far the hardest 100 I have tried since Western States 2007,where I was WAY in over my head.

Out of 17 starts, I have 10 finishes.

My last attempt was a very muddy Rocky Raccoon where I waved the white flag after 60 miles.

The course has been revised, and the route seems like it might be easier--if nothing else, simpler to follow. Now it's four out-and-backs, but if its semi-scenic, it's good by me. After 25 miles, I doubt I'll care what anything looks like. 75 miles in, and I'd be happy to trudge on a treadmill for the last 25.

Angel Fire is a nice ski resort.

I've been there a couple of times in the summer months, just passing through.

If the course goes straight up one of the ski runs, I'm in trouble.
The course elevation is a bit scary. Just one climb--but no, you have to do it coming back, and then 3 more times. My math tallies the 1900 foot climb, then adding in the 1142 feet you ascend on the way back and multiplying by 4 equals 12,168 feet. Factor in the altitude, and it should be "interesting".

So what am I doing about it?
Well, running a few long runs on hilly courses for one. This past week, I've got in almost 95 miles. I've ran hills, ran in heat and humidity (it should not be humid there), and ran quite a bit on rugged terrain. I am not entirely sure how much of the trailz there are super-technical. A full arsenal of shoewear will accompany me to New Mexico.

Finally, it would not be a hundred if I were not going head to head with my favorite competitor.

Both Kathy and I are gunning for our 11th finish.

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