Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend has been a lot like other weekends, so I'll make it quick on the same old same old stuff. I ran 30 miles Friday night, and had a great run. Had it been a 50K, I would have earned a PR for 31 miles. One more long run and I'll consider starting a taper. Saturday, I had an awful run (expectantly) on Turkey Mt. Sunday morning, I felt better, and had some spring in my step. I took a fall and boo-booed the same elbow and same knee in the exact same places as I did a month ago., This time, I at least tripped on a rock instead of tripping on a flat sidewalk. This pic is from my iPhone Hipstamatic app.

We ran all as one group, and either any possible speedsters were super patient with me, or they were all riding bikes, as it was Tulsa Tough weekend.

After 5.25 miles, Mitch and I headed out for some bonus miles on the paved trailz. My 13:xx pace on the trailz, dropped to the upper 11 m/m range, but I faded badly in the heat of the late morning, running the final 8 miles in the sun.

From there, I showered and napped. Then, I visited the action on CryBaby Hill at the Crit races at Tulsa Tough.  I really hoped my videos would have turned out better, but there is no way to capture the excitement of this race on film. Someone was quoted as saying the festivities of CryBaby Hill is like Halloween, Christmas, and New Years all rolled into one. It was a PARTY!~!

After that, I needed some LUNCH, albeit a late one. After a quick stop at RunnersWorld, and a taco-feed at Bueno, I decided to do some geocaching. I found a total of five, including two virtual caches.

The sun was getting low in the sky, dancing with western clouds as it descended. I spent the rest of the daylight hours chasing good vantage points for sunset shots.

How many people run by the coldest water fountain in Riverparks, and never notice the sculpture?

The above pic is another Hipstamatic shot.

Playing on the pedestrian bridge.

A final parting shot, and I headed for home.

76 miles for the week, including the walk today. 11 geocaches.

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