Monday, June 25, 2012

Dealing with tapering

The taper goes on. I have come to embrace short runs. four miles--no more than five, and mostly at a relaxed pace. Slow. Lotsa walking.

Jake has enjoyed my taper, as he specializes in short runs. We made a trip to Bixhoma Friday night. The lake was swarming with people, but we were the only runners. I have had him here before, but this time, after a text from an acquaintance who questioned the lake regulations pertaining to dogs, I read the signs and rules. "Pets must be on leashes." We were ok with that. "No Swimming." I did not intend to swim. "No animals allowed in lake." Hmmm. Tell that to the beavers.

The lake was beautiful, as it always is. I had dead legs, wearing my Asics 2160 Trail shoes. It seemed like I had lead weights on each foot. Our pace was never faster that 12 minute miles, and we averaged 16 minutes overall. I did stop my iPhone app when I took pictures.

Jake requires a dip every now and then, and I made my way around to the west side of the lake before turning him loose for a drink.

This little boat ramp was to Jake's liking. He lounged around in the water for about five minutes here.

We also went to the opposite side of the lake, crossing the dam, and along the bluffs  lining the south shore. We turned around at an old picnic shelter that had the concrete tables all busted out. Such a shame, and this side of the lake is seldom used--but I make it around there every now and then.

Sunday morning, I led a group of trail runners in a 4.75 mile scamper around the entire wilderness area.

Left to right: Russell, Bailey, TZ, Edward, Molly, Kristina, Chris, and Tim. I felt light and springy--and had one of the best trail runs I have had in a while. It's amazing how one bad run is always followed by a great one.

A side note, I have biked twice this past week. 12 miles, and 16 miles. Cross training makes the taper go bu easier.

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