Saturday, April 13, 2013

Info on some Arkansas trailz

My friend James Reeves has put together the Trails of Bentonville, a trail guide of single track offerings around the Bentonville Arkansas area. There are hundreds of miles of trailz in Arkansas within a moderate driving distance of Tulsa, and since there is a mobile Zombie-lodge sitting in our driveway (a new camping trailer) and we plan on exploring each and every one on on James' list.

In this post, James details The Crystal Bridges Trails, Slaughter Pen Hollow, Blowing Springs Trail, Hobbs State Park, and Lake Wedington. He has several pictures, links to maps, and a couple of scary looking course elevation profiles (isn't profiling a bad thing?) He is going to expand his guide to include Devil's Den and other Western Arkansas trail treasures. I am adding this list to the TZ Trail Guide. Check out the Trails of Bentonville.

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