Monday, April 15, 2013


I skipped my run this evening--saddened beyond words. I cannot comprehend the evil that would lead a person(s) to kill innocent blameless people in love with life. I just did not feel this evening that a run would make it all better for me. There is no fix.

Finding the people behind this bombing is futile, although I would love to see the demonic beasts tortured forever for the tragedy they caused. Bring them to "justice" and there'll be more following in their footsteps. This kind of evil never changes. Senseless crime like this cuts to the quick, but this time, it was my friends slaughtered. My friends. If you love running, you are my friend. Two strangers who run meet, and in three minutes, they are friends. I know of no kindredship as amazing as what we as runners share.

Those responsible for the bombings know only hate, and they have made me hate. I hope the killers burn in hell.

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