Monday, April 22, 2013

A great literary work

I have my name bronzed in Epic Literature thanks to the Epic Ultra Poetess herself! Grab a glass a wine, or a cold beverage of your choice and enjoy the crafting of rhyme--particularly the 10th stanza.

Bring A Light!

Better bring a good light
For this Epic Ultras event
You know you’ll need it
... While in the dark, feeling spent

This is no walk
In the park like some
This is a hardcore ultra
Guaranteed…you’ll have “fun”

In looking over the entrants
To see who we know
There are lots of you on there
And some new to our “show”

Michele McGrew from Oklahoma
She’s praying for no snow
For she was bombarded with it
At Prairie Spirit a few weeks ago

Dave Renfro from Arkansas
Can he pull this off?
He’s new to “The Rock”
Did he read the description and scoff?

Sean Randle from Alaska
And Jimmy Brown to boot
Do they know what they’re in for
Or did they think this sounded “cute?”

We’re not trying to scare you
With tales from FlatRock
But just remember this
We’ll be watching the clock

The first half will seem “easy”
As you will have sunlight
But the second half is sure to
Cause you a little fright

We definitely have some veterans
You might want to get to know
For they know this trail
Like the back of their toe

Ken Childress aka “Sir Cargo”
Is down for this show
I think he could shuffle this course
With no light aglow

We’ve also got running legend
“Sir Slam” Paul Schoenlaub
He’s a real speedster
And will finish without a scab

Grace Lin from New Jersey
I’m sure she’ll get a laugh
At our southern accents
Until the last half

When she’s cussing Kansas
And this Epic Ultras race
For she thought it would be a flat course
Well…that’s just not the case

This course is not flat
The rumors of Kansas are false
Hope you’re in for some climbing
On lots of flat rocks!

And if you get lost
Just watch for Coleen
For her hair will be brighter
Than any light you’ve ever seen

We’ve got a few from Nebraska
That will be on the scene
I sure hope they’re ready
For a course that’s obscene!

So the countdown has begun
To this Inaugural race
We’re super excited to see you
And the look on your face

As you cross the finish line
101K behind you now
And we hand you your buckle
As all you can say is “WOW!”

April 22, 2013

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