Monday, November 12, 2012

Two late season marathons on my plate.

My fall running season has filled out just a little. A couple of very local marathons are on my plate.
The Little Warm-Up Marathon is one put on by folks who want to help those crazy Marathon Maniac and 50 States types sneak another double in. This race in Jenks and Tulsa (a half and full marathon) is November 17--the day before Route 66, a huge Tulsa race.
The Little Warm-up is right in my back yard--literally.
I could easily use my own bathroom at mile 19.5.
I am also considering running to the start, and then running home after the race to tag on an extra 10 miles, making it a good training run. This race will be much smaller than the huge corporate Rt 66 Marathon held the next day, but that's just fine by me.
I LOVE small races. How cool it will be to actually know more than half of the runners there, as opposed to being one in a crowd of 20,000+ at Rt 66?
This race is all on asphalt bike paths alongside the Arkansas River. I run here a lot, so maybe I'll have a little home court advantage. A top 10 in my age group--not an unreasonable possibility.
Just recently, TATUR has lent a hand to the race, so you can bet there will be a party atmosphere at the finish line.

Next on my calendar is the Half and Half Marathon. The brainchild of my friend and running buddy Kathy Hoover, this race is a half marathon on trails, and a half marathon on pavement. Both events start at the same time, and there is an option for those who wish to run the trail half followed by the road half for a full 26.2. I have a special interest in this race as well. It's some home cooking again--and in this one, I'm one of the chefs. I designed the trail portion, and have crafted a course that features mostly easy trailz, few technical sections, aid stations never more than 2.5 miles apart. It includes several trailz that have never been featured in a trail race: the Enchanted Trail (aka the Bunny Trail to some), Jelly Legs, the trail that bisects the Snake Loop, and the Old Boys/HWY 75 Trail. Yes, there will be some ups and downs, but for a Turkey Mountain trail race, this course is FAST.
Kathy promises super cool unique medals for the race. This race has all the makings of a classic event. As an added bonus for me, two marathons where I can not only sleep in my own bed the night before, but I can walk out my door to the start line.

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