Thursday, November 29, 2012

A few months back, I searched in vain for a geocache just west of Sand Springs. It's one in a series--"Capture the Flag", although I just hunt them down, sign the log, and log my find on the website.
It's rough climbing--really fun!! I mountain-goated all over the side of this cliff last time, and no find.

However, while passing through, I thought about it, and saw on the website that it had been recently found. Given confirmation that it was there, i gave it another go. I think the climb is so steep, that the GPS gets confused. It seems like it is more vertical than horizontal, in terms of distance. Yes, it is still further up.
Looking back down, it is clear I have ascended over 100 feet, yet my car is just right down there. I was in my loafers--not the best climbing shoes.

For whatever reason, I went straight to it. It was sitting in plain sight. Makes me think it was hidden a little better last time I was here.

The trip back down was more of a slither, hanging on to whatever seemed solid. I was happy to log my 355th find.

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