Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday Night Crawlers slither at Mohawk Park

The Tuesday Night Crawlers, which includes the some of the braver TOTs, gathered at an obscure location in the NW part of Mohawk Park. We ran about two miles of awesome single track, hopping over roots and fallen trees, plowing through autumn leaves, and ducking under tree trunks.
A full moon lit the way, although it would be a challenge to run sans-light on the trailz here. Spooky trees were everywhere, but my scary critters were found (other than John Nobles.)

It's hard to get a good picture at night, especially with an iPhone. But this one of Kathy was interesting.

We popped out on the levee around Lake Yahola, and picked up the pace jetting around the 3.25 mile gravel path.

I love the run here. You can get good pictures 24/7 around the lake. It's a good place for a sunrise or sunset, and night reflections across the lake are outstanding.

The Tuesday Night Crawlers will be at Mohawk again nest week--6:30 pm-- meeting at the gates of the Oxley Nature Center about a half mile east of Lake Yahola. We'll obey the law, and run only where the signs allow. (wink)

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