Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Night Crawlers

We've had a steady turnout--15-20 each week. Trail running at night is a rush!! I always expect to see wildlife. Jumping up a deer is not at all uncommon. An occassional opossum, raccoon, or armadillo is to be expected. I would love to see a big cat again.

This was a posed shot. The idea was to hold our lights under our chin for a pseudo-scary pic. Kate provided a reverse flash effect, which I liked.

Besides wildlife, the nightlife of Tulsa is an awesome sight. This was taken from the Ho-Chi trail, a trail that is scenic by day and night.

Next week, we will be meeting at Mohawk Park to run either trailz at Oxley, or the path around Lake Yahola. We WILL see critters--I guarantee it. (I may have to trespass into the zoo to make good on this guarantee.) (Just kidding.)

Taken from the north banks of Lake Yahola. This is a good place to see a sunrise, a sunset, or the lights of Tulsa. We'll meet at 6:30 and go for around four miles. You should join us!

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