Thursday, November 8, 2012

Me, Jake, and the trailz

Jake and I headed out for a few early morning miles on Turkey Mountain.
The leaves are dropping, covering the trail completely in places--but we still know where the trailz are.

The air was crisp and dry, with bright sunlight and blue skies--perfect for picture taking. I just had the iPhone, but in perfect conditions it does great.

I let Jake choose his route. He headed down to the pond on the Blue Trail. I really did not want him to swim, as I'd have to practically give him a bath before he could come in the house--but he looked at the water and kept going.

Jake motors ahead, and every hundred yards or so, he comes back to check on my pokie butt. I should let him wear the Garmin. I bet he does sub 8s, and gets at least 50% more miles than I do on our runs. We grabbed a few pink ribbons from the T&T race that were missed when we pulled the markings. We also found a couple of geocaches. Jake usually does not get into geocaching, but since these were in the deep woods, he scoped out all the animal smells he could find. He was a happy pup.

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