Monday, December 8, 2014


I have not been a very diligent blogger lately. I have been a border-line work-a-holic, which brings in the bacon, but I'm usually too tired to eat it. My running has tapered down to an even nothing. I am not training for nothing, and I have no big grand races on my calender or even in m,y bucket list.

My knee is better, but seems to take a slight backwards turn the day after any kind of run/hike/jog that lasts more than three miles. That being said, I am gonna try to run with my Tuesday night friends tomorrow, and I am signed up to run a half marathon on trailz this Sunday--the Half and Half., Go ME!

I have always been one to diagnose myself, and in the past few years II have gotten away from running in pronation control shoes. Could that lack of build-up on the inner heel have caused my knee to tweak slightly inward and I have effed it up? Maybe. So now, I am trying to wear only shoes with some motion control.

Can't have much more motion control than you get in hiking boots. These little gems--Asolo Fugitives--have been my faves lately.
There is absolutely no danger in rolling the ankle inward, or rolling an ankle at all for that matter. I did run and walked what amounted to about 10 miles in the unofficial Barkley Book Fair last Saturday night. Ten miles was further than I have been in a long time, and it seemed good to stop after the first three laps.

So now, I am leaning more towards hiking. I subscribe to BackPacker Magazine, and all the amazing trailz that trail runners see, hikers can also see--just at a slower pace. I still have a burning desire to see new trailz and go places I've never been. I suppose everyone eventually slows down. :-/

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  1. I have run in my well broken -in hiking boots much like those you pictured and it went really well. I do lots of hiking with the family on trails that I run and it is like two different trails. Trail running, I really have to watch where my feet are going. Hiking lets you see more of your surroundings.
    btw, I've done a couple of night runs on Turkey Mountain. I'm thinking about placing a night geocache up there. Using "fireeye" reflectors that you can't hardly see during the day to lead you to the cache location. There is a night cache on the grounds of the Gilcrease museum that is a lot of fun.