Saturday, December 27, 2014

Turkey Snow Day

Saturday morning--a "lazy" day for us--meaning we did not get up at 5:00 am as is usually the case for Dana, or 7:00 am as is usually the case for me. I had to make a quick run to 71st/Yale by 9:00, and when I got back Dana was up thinking about breakfast.
Coffee first and foremost, and these home made cinnamon rolls that had raised all night. And no, I did not eat just one.

An unexpected snow was falling, and to my surprise, the gal who hates cold weather wanted to go to Turkey Mountain to run some trailz in the snow.
Jake caught on real quick that there was some talk of running, and left no doubt that he wanted to go. We headed up the hill to the pond on the Blue trail where Jake could get a swim. He did not waste the opportunity, although it was a quick dip.

Running in the snow on the trailz is a real treat. I'd say there was a good two inches, but the trailz were just cold wet mud.

Somebody was having way too much fun this cold winter day.

We took the Blue to the Possum Skull, then cut up to the Ridge trail. At the end, we turned around and headed back--good for 3.6 miles, although it seemed like more. 

Everything was warm, except my shoulders. I had a polar fleece on, and it caught the snow, and the melt saturated me from the top slowly down. Dana had grabbed an overhead tree branch and covered me with snow. (It snowed more on her than me though.)

Another group was running at 2:00 led by Brian Hoover. I wish I could have joined them, but we had to cut it short. Even if it seems crazy, if you are a runner or hiker, you should visit Turkey Mountain in the snow.

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