Wednesday, December 24, 2014

100 miles is the new marathon

100 milers are the new marathon. I have been saying this for the past year or so, and it's true. 10 years ago, I only knew a few people who had even ran a marathon. In the RunnersWorld group, marathon runners could have been counted on one hand. Now, it takes both hands and both feet to count the 100 mile runners. 

Stan Jensen's website lists136 100 milers, and there are a few more not even listed on his site. There are 36 states that have at least one 100 miler, and there are 7-100 milers in Canada. A few 100 milers not listed on his website are the Barkely Marathon, Rouge/Orleans 126.2, and the Lost 118. Visiting turns up several others races of various distances of 100 miles or further.

I am kind of a nerd, but I did some counting. According to, California has the most 100 mile races with 17. Utah is second with 11, followed by Colorado with 9.

Oh heck--here's the list.
California                      17
Utah                              11
Colorado                        9
Florida                           8
Arizona                         6
Texas                            5
Washington                  4
Pennsylvania                4
Kansas                          4
Nevada                         4
Georgia                        4
New York                     3
Alaska                          3
North Carolina             3
Virginia                        3
Minnesota                    3
Ohio                             3
Illinois                          3
Vermont                       2
Arkansas                      2
Idaho                            2
Wyoming                     2
Oregon                         2
Alabama                      2
Wisconsin                    2
South Dakota               2
Oklahoma                    1
Kentucky                     1
Indiana                        1 
New Hampshire          1
New Mexico               1
New Jersey                 1
Hawaii                        1
Montana                     1
Wisconsin                  1
Iowa                           1

Add in the races not listed on and the dozen or so 24/48/72 hour runs and there's over 170 100 milers. I guess I should step up the training.

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