Sunday, November 16, 2014

23 runners brave .23 inches of snow

With a forecast of an Oklahoma white-out (which can mean as little as a dusting of snow) my buddy Brian Hoover put out the call on FB:
"Snow Run. Come join us at 11am for a fun run in the snow. All paces welcome. We will run/walk/play 3-5 miles, make snow angels and have a snowball fight. Then we will all eat a hot lunch and tell lies. Meet at 11am at the main Turkey Mtn parking lot at 6808 S. Elwood Tulsa OK 74132 bring warm clothes, any type of shoes and a camera phone to take pictures. Please post here to RSVP."

A buncha peeps RSVP'd and we had about 23 snow bunnies show up. Getting all of this group scrunched up enough for a pic is about like herding cats, but somehow someone snapped a quickie and then we were off and running shuffling.

The roads were fine, and the trailz were still mostly dirt, beginnings of mud, and some were powdery sand with powdery snow to make brown powder. We could have made chocolate colored slushies (that might have tasted better than Quik Trip's).

I led the group, and the zombie-shuffle was a good pace.

We stopped at major trail intersections to let everyone catch up. Most of the conversation was centered around Brian and how he has dropped 23 lbs in 15 days. The real answer lies in that little adjustment knob on the underside of the scale. Just a 1/4 turn of the knob knocks off a couple lbs, and he only has to adjust it once a week to drop 7-8 lbs a week.

I stepped on a mound of red ants, and did my best to shake them out of my skin tight tights.

This pic was taken after the run. Honest--I think we made it out of the woods with everyone, although this picture does not prove it.

We ended up with about 3.5 miles. In my books, I earned 3 strips of bacon, and pecan pancakes. And that's just what I had!

There was no blazing speed on our run so it was only fitting that we'd have no blazing speed on our brunch. That was all good, cuz we swapped stories, run plans, and serious ribbings for nearly three hours at Cracker Barrel. But what else could we do on such a snowy day?


  1. Nobody documents a run like you TZ!!

  2. Brave group who has courage to move out about 3.5 miles trip at Snowy day.