Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Fall day, an awesome trail outing, and six girl scouts in tow!

It was a gorgeous fall day Sunday, and I squeezed a bit of mileage in before a 3:00 appointment. Having only 20 mins before my assignment, I did a jog around the red trail. This red ball floating in the sky signals the turn onto the red trail--right?


Fall colors are in nearly full flame. If you have been cooped up inside--GET OUT!

My assignment at 3:00? Leading a troop of girl scout on a hike on Turkey Mountain!! I felt most honored by being asked!!

Six young ladies joined me (along with their parents) for a jaunt northward on the yellow trail. The plan was to visit the overlook, and then decide whether it would be a simple out-and-back, or maybe we'd add a bit of mileage.

One of the best vistas on Turkey. I have joked that this would make a good place for a Starbucks--a nice deck where you could enjoy a frappucino or espresso--but that kind of silliness rubs elbows with a hot topic like retail shopping in the wilderness--so my Starbucks idea is now scrapped.

Maddie, Elise, Mary Anna, and I can't remember the rest hung precariously close to the edge of a drop-off. Closer than I would have gotten for sure. 

Returning, they climbed every rock of any size for photo-ops.

Leading this group, I kept hearing "ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp." I asked WHAT was a RAMP? Mary Anna explained that meant they were jumping over a rock or a root. Now I know.

The idea was to have half of the girls pointing and saying That-a-Way, and the other half saying Nope--That-a-Way, and one saying I'm lost.

The moms and dads took lots of pictures, and the girl scouts finished with way too much energy left. All in all--it was a fun day.


  1. I hope they know that they had the best trail guide anybody could have for Turkey Mountain, or anywhere else around here also.

  2. Thanks, Yogi! I got back with 100% of them. None lost to bears, mountain lions, or snakes.