Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 Mile Hike

Saturday afternoon, the crappy cold weather subsided--a little. Dana and my friends Bobby and Susan cooked up a little trail hike plan, and when the new was relayed to me, I readily agreed. We brought Jake in on the idea, and he approved too. 

We left from our house which adds a whopping .4 miles to any Turkey trip. 
Bobby and Susan are coming off nagging injuries and ailments. Dana is getting her running legs back after being a little bit sidelined, and me--the knee is 0.5% better each passing day. We seemed pretty well matched this day, and the trailz were glad to see us.

We climbed the hill, visited the pond on the Blue Trail so Jake could swim, then headed for the Snake Trail. Susan snapped the above pic as we headed down the Snake.

It felt good and right to walk and chat--catching up on the goings on of our friends, running plans, injuries, and such. I imagine in 20 years we'll be discussing much the same, except maybe more references to Geritol, Metamucil, dentures, bowel movements, and who's been shipped off to the old folks home.

It had been a while since Bobby and Susan had been up here, but they're no strangers to the Snake Trail, having ran the race a time or two in years past.

Somebody had the friskies. Jake is always silly on the trailz. 

Place random sun shining around old tree picture here.

Somebody has new shoes!!! I had ordered a pair of Asolo hiking boots and they came to my door just before we left out. I just HAD to give them a try. I doubt they will be the best things to run in, but for what I CAN do now, they are perfect.

We finished with 4 miles. I'll take that. 
Dinner was next at Ted's. Many chips, beers, margaritas, and sopapillas were consumed.
Can't top a day like that!

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