Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Night at Mohawk

The Tuesday Night group, or as we have been called in the past The Tuesday Night Crawlers, have been haunting the woods of Mohawk Park.
6:00 pm is right at sundown, and dawning headlamps, we take off on single track trailz to the amusement of several deer. Bambi and company often follow us through the woods just to see what we're up to.

Jason, seeming a lot like a Keebler Elf anyway, seems right at home in a tree that could easily serve as a chocolate chip cookie bakery. It could also house a mad raccoon, or geocache.

There are around 4 miles of trail beyond the gates to thew Oxley Nature center. We basically wind around and run most of them. Dark evening skies come alive along the shores of Sportsman Lake as thousands of honking Canadian Geese curse us and take a brief flight as we tromp along the shore trail. You cannot see them in the night, but the air is full and you can feel the pulse of wings taking flight. This alone is worth coming out for a 4 mile run--but of course trail runners don't need payment for having fun.

Last week, a near full moon joined a nearby Jupiter and together they hosted passing planes as they took off from Tulsa International Airport. The lake below captured the image on a glossy canvas. Words cannot capture the awe of the moment, and picture is but a reminder of how unique the moment was.

This week, Thomas, Jason, Barbara, and I saw a few deer, and a few armadillo. We passed by a huge beaver lodge, and stopped to check out the biggest cottonwood tree maybe in the state.

We ran in circles on purpose, and crossed a long wooden bridge twice just for fun. These Tuesday runs are the very definition of fun. Come play with us.

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