Sunday, January 12, 2014

carpooling, I've fallen--but I did get up, a hill peat, and IHOPing

A small group carpooled/caravanned to Keystone to run the trails just south of the dam. This is 5 miles of pure single track, with about half of it pretty darn rocks, and the 2nd half quite runnable. I quickly set the bar high--falling twice in the first mile. I was actually on pace for 10 falls in a run--but made some adjustments to my gait (PICK UP YOUR #&*@!! FEET) and finished my run upright--for the most part. RunnersWorld's Ultra Training Group along with the TOT remainders are joining forces on Sunday mornings, and a field trip here and there is on the docket.We ran the course, and then knocked out a hill peat. (A hill peat is a session of hill repeats that stopped at one.) There was no complaints, and we were very democratic about it. A one-by-one vote assured a tie, and then the lure of breakfast (BACON) tipped the scale in favor of an IHOP run over a hill run. All you can eat pancakes (actually a pancake and a half was good enough for me), and the group took seconds almost unanimously. Jason demonstrated the art of pancake bacon sandwiches, and is was the makings of a very good day.

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