Thursday, January 23, 2014

It all started in 2008

6 HOUR LONG SNAKE RUN  (from 2008)

Come to Turkey Mountain SATURDAY for the....

This will be a timed run all on nice easy single track trails on the western portion of Turkey mountain.
The run will start at 9:00 am, and run until 3:00 pm. The course will run west from the upper parking lot following some of the trails used in the Turkey and TATURs race, then north onto the Snake Trail. These are some of the flattest and easiest trail on the mountain. We also have taken great pains to remove all of the larger snakes from the course.

(Actually, the snake trail gets its name because it winds around like a snake, not because of an infestation of slithery reptiles!) You will run approximately 2 miles out, and then return and run the trail in reverse to the start/finish area. There will be 2 aid stations, one at the start finish area at the upper parking lot, and one at the turnaround. You can run one out and back, run until you complete a marathon, a half, or a 50K if you're real fast. All starters will receive a long sleeve T-shirt with our TATUR mascot being hotly pursued by a vicious viper!

There will be a 1/4 mile out and back to be ran by choice during the last hour for those not able to complete a full 4 mile out-and-back circuit. The winner is the one who runs for 6 hours and covers the most miles.

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