Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tuesday on Turkey

Jake and I made a quick run on Turkey Tuesday morning. It was 28° and a bit breezy, but with the sun out and staying in the woods, it was not bad at all.
We parked at the Westside Y and headed out from there, pulling pink ribbons and yellow caution tape as we went. I have had super help this year marking and unmarking the Turkey and TATURs course. There was about a mile of the course that still needed to be pulled. I stopped to take a Lake Logan pic, using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.

The leaves are still fantastic. In another week, they'll be gone.

I'll be honest--Jake wasn't much help--just some good company.

Believe it or not--I make a wrong turn sometimes on the trail. I made a premature turn and noticed that I was not seeing any ribbons. Then I saw rocks on the trail that did not seem right, and realized my error. But I discovered this rock above. Standing upright, it seemed eerily like a homemade tombstone. Does anyone know the story of this rock?

We made our way to the end of the Spider (the Powerline trail where it overlooks the river and downtown Tulsa) and found where Lynna and crew had stopped their ribbon pulling, and we headed back on a different trail. Ended up with 2.5 miles. My running was nothing more than a shuffle. I'm still having knee issues.

You always see something new on the trail at Turkey. Besides the tombstone, someone lost their brain right on the trail. (I checked to see if I still had mine--I'm good.)

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