Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scenes from a night run

I headed over to the parking lot at Turkey Mountain to run with the Tuesday Night Crawlers, rolling in at 6:25. The usual crowd at 6:30 either stayed home, or met earlier. We have talked about meeting at 6:00, and we should since it's good and dark by 5:45 anyway. I decided to go out anyway for three easy miles.

I ran the Snake Trail, one of the easier routes, hoping to maintain 15 minute miles +/-. While that seems slow, it IS on trailz and it IS at night. And I AM a slow ass zombie.

Running alone, I stopped a few times to get pictures. Last time I took night pix with my new iPhone, they were spectacular. Tonight, there were just too dark. So, I used Paint on my desktop to lighten them up. They weren't good enough to spend much time with Photoshop.

Looking westward, the sky was illuminated . I tweaked the tint and saturation just a tad for affect.

Awe--a zombie-selfie. Notice the appearance of sagging jowls under my chin. I tried to tighten that up digitally without success.

 On the Snake Trail, what was supposed to be a picture or mysterious trees against a splattering of night clouds revealed a ghost-horse-tree. Pretty eerie.

I finished my 3 miles (actually 3.03 miles) in 43:40, pausing RunKeeper while picture taking. This included four falls. Three three point landings, and one crash. I don't mind falling at all when it doesn't hurt. The last one hurt a little.

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