Friday, September 18, 2009

My 15 minutes of fame

The Tulsa World, our local newspaper, recently called RunnersWorld and were wanting to interview an ultra runner to do a story on those crazy people who run longer distances. Kathy would have been a good candidate for the article. Brian suggested they call me....something about me being long winded???

The reporter, Cary Aspinwall, is a runner herself, and asked a lot of pertinent questions. We visited for over an hour over coffee while she took several pages of notes. (Never understood shorthand....looks all Greek to me.)

A photographer from the World met me at mile 24 of the Turkey and Taturs 50K and with her two huge high-tech cameras took several pictures, trying, I am sure, to get one that somehow made me look more like a gifted runner should look. In the end, she used one where I looked like a 50 year old geezer....wait, I AM a 50 year old geezer!

Actually, I was thrilled and flattered to be the focus of their story. You can view the story online by clicking on the following link.


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