Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday's adventures

Having a great time doing the vacation thing. This morning we ate at a restaurant that I visited 35 years ago. The Pancake house, now referred to as Uncle Sam's Pancake house.In 1974 they had a T-bone steak and eggs for $1.99. It was a real T-bone, and a big one, but it was maybe 3/8" thick. Still very tasty. Funny the things I remember. No T-bone on the menu now, but the steak and eggs was excellent, and the sirloin was as good as I had at the Red River recently in, it was better and 1/4 the cost!

We drove up Pike's Peak this afternoon. Nineteen miles of steep climbing and tight switchbacks later, and we summitted the 14'er.I enjoyed the trip up, but Dana was far less than enthused.Most of the road was paved, although there were a couple of sections that was gravel. Much of this was graded, but had a washboard surface. The Jeep skated across the ridges, and put teeth clenching wife in a slightly worse state of mind.These are pics borrowed from web=land. I'll have mine posted as soon as I locate a USB cable that will work with my camera.

Spent another evening with Steve and Kathleen,. We had salads and desserts at Marigolds, a favorite of Kathleen. They graced me with some locally roasted coffee :-) and they are picking up packets for me and all the Tulsa group who are also running the double!

Now, it's off with the lights and then up before dawn to head to Albuquerque. But not before hitting up that breakfast place once more!

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