Thursday, July 2, 2015

Have you visited West Turkey Mountain lately?

I am so disgusted with the stupid mentality people of Tulsa have as to littering, and especially dumping. Our playground, our Turkey Mountain (and yes those who want to play the "but it's PRIVATE PROPERTY" card--yes most of it is on the section that was part of the outlet mall site) this beautiful, wild, green, wildlife inhabited piece of land is considered free dumping to some low-life scumbags. 

The pictures below were taken Monday and Tuesday. Three sofas, two TVs, three mattresses, a collection of office furniture, a few tires, several bags of trash (you took the time to bag it and could not put it out by the curb or toss it in the dumpster behind Wal-Mart??), a few piles of construction trash, and numerous piles of limb clippings and leaves.  I almost am ok with leaves and limbs--but usually they manage to toss in a few pieces of trash, plastic bags, and/or tarps with their load.

Click on the link below for some info on the problem of illegal dumping as well as some possible solutions. Then scroll down and look at our beautiful wild green space being crapped on.
Info on illegal dumping




Info on illegal dumping

If the the owners of the property managed by Beeline Properties were willing, I would organize a clean-up day and get volunteers to clean this mess up. I would PAY for a huge dumpster to load all that crap up and be hauled away--IF Beeline Properties would place huge rocks blocking the entry points where these slobs with their pickup trucks dumping their rubbish are getting in. How can we make this happen?

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