Saturday, July 4, 2015

Port to Fort Preview

I'm stoked to do the 4th running of the Port to Fort Adventure Race. I've been on a teem EVERY year, and will never miss it as long as my two feet are fit to use. 

This year has a different route due to high water in the navigational channel. The Three Forks Trail used in the past is underwater in places, but RD Joel Everett is a genius in trail planning and has found a spectacular re-route for us. 

We will begin and end near the old fort. This is where the runners last year boarded their canoes. From there, we'll run North towards Ft Gibson Dam. (See map above)

Joel and Muskogee Running Club members have been hard at work, grooming the trails where they need a little primping--but rest assured they will not be cup-cake easy.

Whereas last years trail run was pancake flat except for descending and ascending into and out of a couple of ravines, this years course runs a similar type route along the Grand (Neosho) River, and runs alongside some steep bluffs that tower above the river. Now if "I" had any say, we would go up and over these said bluffs, and then down then up again. That's how I roll. I have tried to discover the deep dark hidden agenda that Joel has contrived, but have only had very generic answers. :-) 
I suppose that's why it's called an adventure race.

This is part of last year's bike course. This is the Jean Pierre Chouteau Trail. This trail was once a very well established and very long trail extending from Ft Gibson for many miles north and west. Plans were for it to extend all the way to the Port of Catossa. But at the time it was built, trail running and mountain biking had not yet exploded in popularity. Joel and crew spent many days re-cutting and clearing the trail. The trail was not kind to mountain bike tires, and our worthy team had 8-9 flats between us and only 5-6 tubes. Our time suffered, but we just would not quit.

I just loved the bike portion. We had a few creek crossings wit  these old rusty bridges. None of my team had the guts to ride across,  Your mileage may vary.

Now if the water is high--this may be an even greater adventure. And don't worry about being last. Team Zombie Hors d'oeuvres has that place locked up.

Join us at the 2015 Port to Fort Adventure Race.

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