Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pictures of the Osage Hills State Park Relatively Flat Trail Marathon / Half Marathon / 5K

It's Sunday June 21--just a month away. The start/Finish will be at Shelter #2--close to the swimming pool. (I believe it will be open too!) 

From here, we'll run south and pick up the Falls Trail. There will be about a half mile for those speedsters to get their lead and us middle packers can spread out and get ready for an enjoyable day on the trails. Bring your cameras.

Right now, there is so much water flowing down Sand Creek that the falls look more like rapids, but in a month, it will look more like this picture from last summer.

After visiting the falls, there is a short climb to get on top of some high bluffs. We almost called the race Danger Cliffs, Just stay away from the edge. ;-)

After a little jaunt through the woods, we pop out on this service road, and we'll do an out-and-back and loop around a grassy field where I've always seen deer---sometimes LOTS of deer.

Then we take the Creek Loop, and make a quick detour to check out another bluff view.

Today there were a couple of crazies jumping off the bluffs. Take a picture, but don't take a dive.

The creek trail is pancake flat, no rocks, and shaded. You can pick up the pace here.

There was a water crossing on the Creek Loop, but it will most likely be dry by race day.

We'll run through the camp ground and hit an aid station before taking on the tower loop. Here, you'll have a good quarter mile climb. It's not too steep, but it is rocky.

You'll pass the overlook--it's called a tower, but it's really a rock platform with a rock wall. You do not have to climb up the stairs, but it's a good picture-op if you wanna. (Or hey--I may change my mind by race day and make everyone go there!)

The Tower/Lake Trail gives you a good look at Lookout Lake, and there is a split in the trail that leads you down to the lake--but you stay on top of the hill.

Winding back around to the south, you'll see this old bridge that's almost 100 years old. 

Crossing the main road, you'll come to this old storehouse building that looks like it once was a jail. Your second aid station will be here.

This is also where you'll tackle the mountain bike trails. These trails are winding and twisting. There may be a water crossing or two if we keep getting rain. You'll run the big red loop first clockwise, and then the inner blue loop counter clockwise, and then hit the jailhouse aid station again.

This will be one of the probable water crossings. Worst case scenario (or best case if you like water crossings) the water will be shin deep. Or it may be dry.

Besides deer, you'll see possum, armadillo, raccoon, eagles, owls, and squirrels.

There's lots of picnic tables near the start/finish. No camping at this spot, but there are plenty of tent sites for $12/night and RV camping for $20/night--first come first served.

There are 8 cabins that can be reserved for $90-105/night. They look nice and are air conditioned.

They'd probably make you a good deal on this one. Just hope it doesn't rain.

I took a trail map and highlighted in pink the race course. It is close to a half marathon distance and the full will run the loop twice. I have not decided if the second loop will be ran in reverse or not. The 5K will be a smaller loop, obviously--probably turning east at the tower. Rest assured the course will be well marked with signs with arrows, pink ribbons, and orange cones.

There will be awesome awards for the top 3 male and female in each distance. There will be age group awards as well.

And get your cabin rented before they're gone.

PHONE: 918-336-4141
TOLL FREE 1-800-654-8240
(between Bartlesville and Pawhuska on HWY 60)

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  1. I love Osage Hills State Park. It will be a great race. Maybe there will be a few runner/geocachers show up.