Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Trail Runners

On a lazy Sunday afternoon--so lazy I had resigned myself to a nap in the easy chair--the grand-kids and Grammy Dana conjured up the idea of a hike on Turkey Mountain. (Imagine groaning sounds coming from the comfy chair.) But then I remembered this "Mile a Day in May thing I joined on Facebook, so I stirred from my slumber, gulped a drink of tepid coffee, slugged down a 5-Hour Energy, and out the door we went.This was the first time for future trail-runner superstars Makenna and Corbin to actually visit the trailz, although they are quite capable of romping through the house and across the back yard. I thought they'd be naturals. We brought Jake along, who had been feeling a little negligent in his training. He had 3 miles and 2 swims on his schedule, and that fitted right in with our plans. A sicko secret--I used a little added dog-power to get to the top of Turkey.) Pictured above--the team looks to be in good spirits. Jake was drenched after the Blue Pond swim, and had swatted each of us with his wet otter tail.

After a Blue Trail Loop, we chose a modified Snake Trail loop,m which took us past Jake's favorite pond. But unfortunately, there were four fisher-persons lining the banks, so we veered south to take a dip in one of the tributary ponds upstream. All are nice and full, and clean--as a pond can be.

With about a mile left in our session, Corbin was baptized by dirt via a fall on the trailz. He whimpered a bit, but then rubbed some dirt on it, and was back on the run. We decided to run down Lipbuster on the return trip. Carefully. On the last bit of decline, where it starts to flatten out, Corbin through caution to the wind and ran the remaining 1/4 mile in. Jake locked in a steady trot pace, and I engaged the zombie shuffle, a with three radically different stride, we ran nearly shoulder to shoulder all the way to the end of the trail. Dana and Makenna were not too far behind. We ended up with about 2.4 miles (sorry Jake) and called it a day and a good time. 

And finally--every good runs deserves a cold beer. It's been a good weekend.

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