Monday, May 18, 2015

Our wilderness--even if it's private property--is under attack RIGHT NOW.

Lately there has been a huge increase of "good ole boys" mud bogging on the Parker property. A couple weeks ago, I confronted a mud bogging young man and another couple of younger dudes dumping trash. I tols both that they were on private property, and I think I scared them just enough that they were super apologetic, and the trash dumpers loaded up their trash and left.
But the four wheel pickups have really taken over. I live in the neighborhood just west of the lower Turkey Mountain parking lot, and drive 61st Street multiple times every day, so I see what is going often while it is going on. If I were a bad ass cop, I could make several arrests every week.

Since it has been so super muddy lately, I guess sloshing around in the mud must be fun. I have a four wheel drive but I just don't see the fun in it. The truck above is partially burried, and has made deep ruts even deeper. 

This Dodge was stuck for two days, but I guess Bubba(s) helped him drag his SUV out.

Abd then there's the dumping issue. This has been an ongoing problem over the years. It is so frustrating to have our clean-up days and see over 100 people work hard for hours, and really making a difference--only to have some low-life slimebags dump their crap right on OUR wilderness. 

Ok--it's a hot button for me. maybe I shouldn't let my blood pressure spike over this. And even though this is NOT actually city or Riverparks property (yet), I still feel some ownership in it.

What would it take to put up NO LITTERING or NO DUMPING signs on 61st Street? Does the city even give a flip about this? Does the owners care at all about their property being trashed??

Seven fairlu new dump piles are on the acrage, and this does not count the office furniture that has been there for a few months, or the limbs and leaves dumped. (I am sort of ok with leaves and limbs.)

Here's some construction trash. I take a load of construction trash to the lamdfill almost weekly. Costs me $30 per trip. The fine for dumping should be at least triple that.

More crap. This location makes it so easy for dumping.

As an advocate of the Turkey Mountain Wilderness Area--whether you are a part of a formal organized group or not, we need to make our voices heard and come up with some workable ideas to stop the raping of this wilderness area. True--an outlet mall is a bigger travesty, but the trashing of the land is inexcusable as well.

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  1. I really don't get it. Don't they have trash pickup where these losers live. I had a bunch of stuf hauled out by the City of Tulsa. Cost me $5.