Friday, December 6, 2013

Turkey in the snow

I read on Facebook friends plans of running on the treadmill in order to get their miles in when it's cold, and especially when it's icy or snowy. I say, there is no better time to go outside for a run. Apparently, there were a few who agreed with me Friday. Geoff, Russell, and Chris, along with my buddy Jake met at Turkey Mountain for a few slow miles on the trailz.

Jake led the way, and we meandered up to the top of the mountain before deciding exactly where we wanted to go. As you can see, we weren't the first ones out. A few runners or hikers had plowed through the snow, as well as a mountain bike.

We then took the Bunny Trail north (renamed the Snow Bunny Trail) and exited to the upper yellow after a mile and then headed north.

AT the Spider, without trees to block the north wind, it was a bit nippy, but most of the way we were comfortable. I had on a light tech shirt, a fleece Patagonia shirt, and a Gortex jacket, and a thin pair of tights, and was plenty warm.

I have a pair of Saucony Razors with built in gaiters that are dreadfully uncomfortable, but great in the snow, and they kept my feet warm and dry. Jake is just tough, running barefoot the whole way.

From the Spider, we headed down the pink trail all the way to the creek bed, and then turned north to run the west edge trail around Pepsi Lake.

Pepsi Lake is not much more than a puddle. This pond when full, is over 20 feet deep. I bet you could wade across it now.

Geoff practices his best bad-ass face, and Russell impersonates a zombie.

My Canon had a dead battery, so I was taking my gloves on and off to take pix with my iPhone. Somehow, I must have selected a B/W filter, but I like the pix.

Russell took pix, as did Chris. I bet we looked more like a amateur photography club that trail runners. Russell took this one.

Chris always takes uber-colorful shots--with a filter or a little photoshop enhancing. Other than our clothes, there was plenty of white and gray--and not much else.

After 5 miles, we felt a little tired but satisfied. Russell captured the zombie shuffle in action. We hung out at the parking lot and discussed calling the cops on a group of obnoxious drunk kids who were yelling and pushing each other around like they were fighting, all the while passing a fifth around. I am sure they drove there, and Chris said they had wrecked one of their cars on Elwood when he was driving in. Another of their cars was blocking the main drive around the lot. I hope the cops hauled them all in. Other than that, it was an awesome outing. You really should see Turkey Mountain in the snow. It's amazing.

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