Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How I spent my Christmas

Christmas day, and I spent the day at home in my underwear (actually pajamas) and I got a lot of race stuff done. Registration is open for the Snake Run--this year on March 22nd, and also for Lake McMurtry. I know what I want for the shirts on Snake. Medusa, as pictured to the left, will grace our shirts. I will probably have to tame the detail down, or there will be way to much ink on the shirt, and no one likes a shirt that sticks to their sweaty chest. I think a blood-red shirt would be good--but I am always open to suggestions. After I linked signup to Facebook, someone said they were stoked about the medals--and I'm pretty sure they thought the medals were gonna look like the shirt emblem. WOW. That WOULD be cool--but it might be a tall order to pull off. We'll see.

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No changes in routes, distances, or format on Snake Run or Lake McMurtry--but we're gonna trick out the aid stations. We always have a big party with a little running thrown in, but this year, I want more music, costumes, and dancing. (twerking is optional) I hope we have a HUGE camping contingent this year. I'll be there Thursday night, and of course all day Friday and Saturday. I could be talked into staying over until Sunday as well. I was happy with last years trophies, and will try for trophies of the same variety. Still mulling over the shirt design. With Badwater being halted this year due to a government mandated study of the safety of endurance events, I fully expect an investigation of the our race course traversing the Leap O'Doom. I have an ace up my sleeve though. Bill Ford has demonstrated each year that simply flying over is completely safe. Susan Westmoreland also perfected the flying technique on a jump in which a mountain lion was lurking below. I also have footage of a runner doing a back-flip over the chasm. We'll keep the route open--even if we have to issue crash helmets and parachutes.

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