Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas on Dec 26.

Ok--the day AFTER Christmas, I had my kids and grand-kids over for way too much foods, and a gift-opening frenzy. It was a good time.

My oldest son Kenny and his wife Lynnsey, with my grandson Beckett hanging out. (It just occurred to me that Lynnsey and frenzy rhyme.)

My middle son Chuck, and his wife Stephanie--along with my newest grandson Wyatt Bear Childress. Wyatt is a whopping 9 days old.

And my youngest son Jason and his wife Jessie.

I am blessed with 5 grandkids. Here we have (from left to right) Makenna, Ryan, Corbin, and Beckett.

Rig up the tripod, set the timer for a 10 second delay--push the button, dive into place, and hope. It took about four tries to get a good picture--which was a more successful process than getting the grand-kids to hold still for their picture.

There was much food, and many excessive consumed calories for me to burn off. After we ate, gift-opening-frenzy commenced.

I used to love this--as a kid. Now I love it as a grandpa.

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  1. It looks like a great Christmas Grandpa. Christmas with kids is what it is all about.

    Nobody got a metal detector they could loan me did they?