Saturday, April 14, 2018

Scenes from a one-mile hike.

Pictures from a one-mile hike. The picture above was was taken a few years ago on this very date. 
Today, all the trees on the right side are bulldozed down due to a ginormous metal building recently erected. Can't have trees too close to the parking lot, you know.  

I decided to take a walk down the trail that that once was so inviting and enchanted. It dead-ends after a half mile, but was a virtual tunnel of trees.

Because the leaves were not as thick due to our winter that just will not stop, I saw an old dilapidated bard than merited some investigation.

This IS Oklahoma. The crowd I call my own would never throw a gum wrapper or Gu tab down, but too many Okies are just trashy.

 This mighta been a decent boat in it's day.

 Probably beyond the fixer-upper stage now.

A nice hanger collection.

I got nothing here. Why was the teddy wrapped and tied in a trash bag? All I could see was the nose and one eye, so I took a stick and pulled the trash bag back for a better look.

Not as disturbing, but pretty random. You just don't see a Santa Claus head in the woods all that often.

This short trail was never a running destination but was a good place for a picture or two. That means nothing to most people though.

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