Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some pictures of Turkey Mountain other than what the TV stations show.

I have noticed that in all of the TV stories on Turkey Mountain, the video is always of the main trail head, or from the upper parking lot, and sometimes by the outlet mall plot. That's where the camera crew park their truck, and heaven forbid they venture into the woods to actually see how awesome these trailz are. The view from the overlook on the Ho-Chi is safe from the mall development, but is a perfect example of the treasure that we have.
Heading west, the Snake Trail has some of the easiest and most used routes in the urban wilderness. It's pristine single track, and is usually decorated with an assortment of wild flowers.There are several beautiful ponds. Feel like fishing? There are perch, catfish, and smallish bass. It's also a perfect place for a quick swim--if you're a dog.
I lead a group of runners on SUnday mornings and Tuesday evenings, and we explore all of the 25 miles of wilderness trailz.The wildlife on Turkey Mountain is diverse. There are deer, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, armadillo, occasional bobcat, mountain lion (I have seen one), river otter (I have seen one of these too), beaver, and hundreds of species of birds including American eagles. This vista is on the northern part of the proposed malls parking lot. Paving 60 acres leaves a lot of animals homeless.

Another problem is the rain water runoff. Rain exits flat paved surfaces as soon as it falls, and will cause incredible erosion problems. I am no specialist, but he Mooser Creek water shed would be greatly altered. I would imagine the YMCA would feel the consequences after a heavy rain.

Pepsi Lake would be in danger--being pumped with mud from the rain and erosion.Other beautiful features that few people have seen--the falls below Pepsi Pond. The lake is a little low right now, but at times, the falls are beautiful.
This is Mooser Creek. There is not really a trail leading to this view--but their should be. To me--mall construction means destruction of so many of Turkey Mountain's best features.


  1. I knew there was a mountain lion out there, could feel it "watching" me, and even saw a good print. Not crazy y'all! But more on topic, I have been running the western trails exclusively since the mall news to at least know what they may be taking. I wish that anyone who has no issue with a mall would just place a humble foot on that land and tell me they still think it right and good to pave it.

    1. I have been wanting to visit this area but I've heard that there are muggings an people breaking in cars .. is this true & how bad is it?

    2. Muggers and thieves need a bit of seclusion to pull off their deeds. These days the mountain and parking lots are so crowded that nothing like that happens anymore.