Saturday, September 6, 2014

Forgotten Malls of Tulsa

Recently, I was asked to "like" a Facebook page Forgotten Malls of Tulsa. A niece of a friend's former boss created the page, and has taken a lot of pictures of abandoned and struggling malls and shopping centers, which goes to show that the success rate is less than stellar--no mater WHERE they are built. Case in point: The RiverWalk Crossing, The I-44 Best Buy / Bed Bath & Beyond shopping center are two of the newest. Tulsa Hills seems to be booming, but with an outlet mall a mile away, stores like Belk's, Dick's, Ross, Michael's, and Radio Shack will suffer greatly, and if they close, there will be more abandoned buildings. Truly--do we need any more new retail stores in Tulsa? Could we not use facilities we already have? Check out here page, which has links to several good articles.

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