Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Removal of the horn

Maybe you have noticed lately that I have been wearing a hat a lot lately. I have a growth on my head. Here's the story: When I was 6 years old, I got in a rock throwing fight with some neighbor kids. BAM!! I was decked with a good sized jagged rock dead center in the forehead, and blood splattered all over me, my clothes, the yard, and then the car while being sped to the family doc in Sperry to get sewed up. It left a small invisible scar and was no biggie until 1997. Right around Christmas, I got what turned out to be a HUGE zit or boil right on the scar. The slight raised up area gave the pimple a good head start to being a real beauty. It was tight, red, and painful. Christmas Eve, I was looking in the mirror and picked at it a little despite the pain, and the gift emerged. It was huge, and in two waves, it was excreted. The next morning, the place was practically healed. I do not know if either of these events had anything to do with the growth that popped up 4 months ago. Today, I had it removed. The doc called it a Lipoma--a growth of fatty tissue and it's rarely ever cancerous. They shot the area up with Lidocaine, and then cut into it. It was not really painful, but was uncomfortable. There was a lot of snipping (imagine the sound of hedge clippers--the scissor kind), and tugging (imagine a huge hoop earring through the meat in your forehead and pulling and tugging every which way.) The darn thing just would not let go. They they got out their sewing kit and stitched it up. The incision is supposed to be horizontal and on one of my forehead wrinkles. (HMMMPH!! I don't HAVE any forehead wrinkles!)

So now I'm home with an ice-pack, a headache, a dose of Tylenol in me, and thinking about some better pain meds. Googling around, I have learned a little more about head lumps. This is sort of like the bumps on a young buck deer. Those little nubs are just what mine looked like, and you know what they grow into. But could humans grow horns?? Oh yes they can!!

The pic below is one of many on Google. Over the centuries, many people have had horn-like growths. This gal looked the most believable. 

I'm glad I got the thing fixed before it got this far. I would be catching that thing on every low-lying limb on the trail. Plus, it would make wearing a headlamp feel like hell. (Actually, with the lump I have,  a headlamp is not my friend right now anyway.

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  1. Did you get a photo of that critter, TZ? Had one removed from my chest a couple years back and the doc thought it was crazy that I wanted to get a photo before they put it in the jar to send off for testing ;)