Monday, April 21, 2014

Eight piles of trash and eight legged creatures

It's spring! It's turning green. Trail running is a good as it gets. I must say that I am happy that nearly every month a litter clean-up/trail maintenance group tackles Turkey Mountain, resulting in new well planned trailz, and the existing ones groomed. More on that in a future post.
But have no fear--some low-life A$$h0L3s have replenished the litter on our playground. The treelimbs are a lesser sin, but an old car bumper--really? Could they have not hauled this to the scrap metal yard and got a few bucks for it?

Turkey mountain--right by the NO DUMPING sign--a good place to throw off your nasty carpet and whatever other trash you have in your truck.

Got an old TV you don't want--bring it right on by and throw it in our paradise.

And don't forget to leave your bottle of pee.

To my friends--be on the lookout. If you see someone dumping--make a mental note of the car/truck. Get a tag# or take a picture--if you can do so discreetly. I do think that confronting someone dumping their crap illegally like that would likely NOT be a person with whom you'd like to have a confrontation. I'd blunder right into it and probably get stabbed. If you get a tag#, report it to the police. Give the info to me and I'll make a nuisance of myself to the authorities.

And finally--it's time to dust off the old "tickometer". The 2014 count stands at ONE so far.

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