Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trail Therapy

I met the Sunday group at Turkey Mountain, and gave thought to trying to run with them. I was dressed for a run, although I had not brought my water bottle. I had a cup of coffee in my Starbucks cup though. The group took off, and I walked with them for 100 yards or so, and when they took of running, I let them go. I would have slowed even the slower ones down, and they would have cut their run short on my account, and if I got into trouble, it would be irresponsible of me for even running at all, let alone messing up their runs.  
So I just walked. I have found all of the geocaches on Turkey Mountain, but I remembered my friend Yogi telling me there was another one that is not on, but on a new site called A quick download of the app on iPhone, and the search was on.

It was such a nice morning to be out. The skies were partly cloudy--no breeze--and temps in the 30s. Perfect for a run (or walk.) During this time of year, you can see Downtown Tulsa as you approach the overlook. Turkey Mountain earns its name as Tulsa's Urban Wilderness.

Going slow has its benefits. I found a couple of new caves. Both of these will be used in the Barkley Book Fair later this year.

Does the sky get any bluer than this? Maybe in the mountains. The geocache I found was right here--well actually just to the right of this pic.

A couple of miles later, and I felt a small part of myself was healed. Sleeping in seemed good, but going outside was better.

MRI on knee happens next Thursday. The follow-up with my ortho-doc is the following Tuesday.

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