Sunday, September 1, 2013

Two TATURs notch out 100 mile finishes in Silverton, Colorado.

A couple of my running buddies have just competed a 100+ mile race, and in very tough conditions. Brandon and Cameron Plate have just went over 100 miles at the Silverton 1000 in Silverton, Colorado.
This is the start/finish locale for the Hardrock 100, and while their race is not as brutal as the famed 100 miler, the boys have climbed over 25,000 feet on rocky single track. The one mile loop course climbs over 250 feet and then descends the same. To put this in perspective, LipBuster is a little over 100 feet, so the boys have went up LipBuster 2.5 times, and repeated the trek 100 times and this at over 9300 feet elevation!

I have known these boys for about five years, and yes, they were little rug rats then. They had such an uncanny love for the trailz and never seemed to tire of frolicking over roots and rocks. This picture was taken a couple of years ago at Chandler park. This past year, they have earned Marathon Maniac status, and did this doing mostly 50K trail races. They ran 30+ miles two years ago at the Snake Run, and broke their record this past year.

At the year end TATUR party, I was proud to award them one of the coveted Silver Spud awards. They knocked out the Midnight Madness 50+ miler and worked hard at finishing in hot temperatures, and it seemed that just made them stronger. Instead of calling it good, they picked out the Silverton 1000 as their next challenge. This race is a 24 hour/48 hour/72 hour, and it also has a 6 day event and an 18 day event for those bent on running 1000 miles. The boys picked out the 48 hour, but wisely moved up to the 72 hour to ensure they could get their 100 in. That was a good call, as it allowed them to get a little rest each day after running 30-something miles.

In the Marathon Maniac shirts, Brandon and Cameron are pictured here sitting at 90 and 95 miles at the Silverton 1000. The latest update had both Cameron and Brandon at 100 miles.. As of 9:52 Mountain time, they have several more hours to tack on more bragging miles, not that they need to to impress anyone.
[Final totals Cameron 102 miles, Brandon 101 miles.]

They have their own Facebook page which gives details of some of their accomplishments.
They are pretty darn fast at shorter distances too.

Their dad, Mark Plate, tossed his hat in the ring and clicked off 50 miles himself. Proud to call them my friends!

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