Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Long Run, and a unwanted souvenir

Nothing epic this past weekend--just a last long run before starting a series of races. This next Saturday is FlatRock 50K--my 11th 50K there, with a couple of other 100Ks tossed in. I needed something long--30+ and I knew just the right crazy people to run it with me!

Kathy and Danielle, along with Russell met a few other runners at QT in Jenks, and headed east to NSU. This out-and-back yields 30 miles, and we had a couple of detours in mind to boost the totals up.

A nearly full moon lit the way, and while I did not wear my headlamp, I did not need it at all. OI had a moon shadow following me all night long.

The big detour was the trail that runs along 169 northward to 71st St. The payday at the end of the trail? A Braum's. I had a chocolate chip cookie dough single dip cone. Kathy and Russell shared their fries. We were there long enough to get our hydration packs filled and our bodies chilled. I was looking forward to getting back OUTSIDE to warmer temps, but it was maybe 64 with a good breeze. We ran and in a 1/4 mile out body core was warmed.

Something you don't see every day--a scrappy little crawdad that would pinched me good. We also scared up a skunk later in the run. I'd choose a good pinching over a spray any day.

A moonlit sky illuminated the vapor trailz in the sky. Several Xs, and even a Z were on display. Not very many of the photos turned out. Took a little photo-shopping to make the artwork visible.

Stop #2 was at the Sonic in Broken Arrow. We had piucked up K2 along the way, and he ended up wityh 20 miles meeting us near TCC, and running to NSU before running home.

Danielle is sporting a Pretzel Bacon Hot Dog. Might be the perfect ultra food.

At NSU, it is usually our halfway point. But tonight, with the added 6 miles out and back from Braum's, this was mile 21 in what turned out to be a 37 miler. But we still had 15 hilly miles ahead of us.

My pace slowed on the way back. It's not that we were going that fast anyway, but my ability to walk briskly went down the drain. I could shuffle, but even the rock steady zombie shuffle was about a minute per mile slower than it normally is. I was sop ready to be done. It should be pointed out that I have not exactly got all of my long runs in this session, but I have been quite active.

With about 4 miles to go, I felt a little tweak-action in ,my right knee. I tried to land lightly and shuffle smooth, and thought nothing of it. But when I got home, it was barking loudly. Now, a couple days later, and a handfuls of Vitamin I's downed, it is slightly better. I need it 99% by FlatRock--a race that will take a tiny injury and wreak havoc. Arkansas Traveller awaits the next week!!

Finally, the elevation profile of the NSU out-and-back course. Yes, there are a lot of ups and downs-- but there are no hills with more than a 100 feet of climbing, and the way I add it up, there is barely over 100 feet of climb both ways. It's a good hill workout, but it's actually pretty tame. For me, it's much easier to run than it is to bike it.

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  1. I love reading about your crazy workouts. Good luck on the race.